Here are some guidelines to be strictly adhered to by your son/daughter/ward.

1.  We expect our students to be regular in attendance.

2.  Excused leave three days in a period of four weeks, on grounds of illness, medical appointments, death in the family and religious observance, absence for any other reason is inexcusable.

3.  Attendance is marked twice i.e. before the morning assembly and after the interval/last period.
A student remaining absent in any of the first or the last four periods is marked absent for that meeting.

4.  The name of a child is struck off the school rolls if he/she remains absent from the school for seven consecutive days. In such cases re-admission I granted only when request is made by the parent stating valid reason for such an absence. A re-admission fee for Rs. 500/- is charged, if re-admitted.

5.  75% attendance is required to appear at the final exams.

6.  Unsanctioned leave is subject to a fine of Rs. 0.50 per meeting.

FOR GRADE Nursery to XII

(a)  The child must have a napkin when he comes to school.

(b)  His/her bag must have his/her proper identification, like name, address and telephone number.

(c)  He/she should carry with him/her a water bottle with proper identification tags. Please send some nutritive food items in her/his tiffin box.

(d)  The school will run Monday through Saturday. (the school gets over two hours early on all Saturdays).

(e)  Wednesday and Saturday are PT uniform days for all grades.

(f)  Only HB pencil must be used by the students. Fancy pencils, costly pencil boxes and other expensive materials will not be permitted.


The school conveyance is available from all corners of the city. Those using school conveyance must keep their bus boarding card in their bags. It may be asked for inspection at any time.