1.  Registration form and prospectus can be obtained from the school office.

2.  Issuance of registration form does not guarantee the right to admission in the school, right to admission is the sole discretion of the school authorities.

3.  Admissions are based on the first come first served basis, in case seats are filled you may be denied admission in the school.

4.  Payment of school fee should be made within stipulated time, in case school does not receive fee of your ward in due time, the name of your ward will be struck off from the scroll of the school. Once the name of your ward is struck off then school fine charge to readmit your ward.

5.  We are very careful to avoid any unpleasant incident in the school, in case if any such incident happens then you will not hold the school authorities responsible for it.

6.  All kinds of fees once received by the school is not refundable in any circumstances.

7.  Once the admission of your ward is confirmed in the school, then your ward will continue studies in the school at least for full one session. In case you intend to withdraw him/her in mid of the session, then we will charge full session's fee. On receipt of full fee, we will be able to issue TC of your ward.

8.  We hold our OHMs at regular intervals when you can interact with the teachers to know the progress of your ward. Other than OHMs we don't encourage you to meet with teachers, unless until it is not urgently required with prior permission of the principal.

9.  We strongly recommend you to send the tiffin box along with your ward, we don't accept lunch boxes from unknown persons in the recess time. Sending tiffin with your ward is safe.

10.  We maintain a very hygienic environment in the school, please help us by explaining your ward that he/she should maintain cleanliness in the school.

11.  You will abide by all the school rules and regulations subjects to changes from time to time.