Life Skill Development

We at GHS believe that we have to help pupils learn to make good choices. The ultimate aim of the life skill development is self discipline in students instead of imposition of commands.

The program rests on the belief that students are rational being capable of controlling their own behavior.

The Principal, Headmistresses, consultant psychologist, SMC committee members and class teachers are all involved in a comprehensive evaluation to help child develop self discipline. For this merit cards and successive prizes on collection of certain number of cards are issued to students as positive motivation for any good deed of a student. It motivates them to excel better. Seminars are conducted in the school to teach students about various life skills. Experts are invited regularly in the school to interact with children.

Grey cards are issued to students when he or she misbehaves or breaks school rules.

This continuous dialogue with students encourages them to give their best. This consistent monitoring helps them to be more confident and decisive in their life. The fine sensibilities of each and every individual student is looked into with meticulous detail.