• Please ensure that your child is encouraged to speak in English and to listen to the English news.
  • Newspaper reading should be part of his/her routine.
  • Please acknowledge circular-letters promptly and meet the school authorities/ Teacher whenever called for.
  • Private tuition from the GHS staff is not allowed unless permission in this regards has been obtained in writing.
  • No material like comics, magazines, cards, novels etc., is allowed to be brought to school.
  • Conveyance fee, once deposited will not be refunded.
  • Please check the hand book from time to time & put your signature., this is an important means of communication, which needs a constant note.
  • We always encourage communication. In case of any doubt/problem kindly call up the teacher/ principal or meet him/ her personally (on prior appointments) From time to time we hold open-house meet to familiarize the parents with our modus-operandi and general policies.