Birthdays-Only students of grades Playgroup to Std.- I are allowed to wear casuals; others must adhere to the school uniform code

Parents are requested to send simple toffees on B'days please do not send chocolates and any other thing.

Leave note must be positively sent on the day the child is absent.

We do not allow or encourage half a day's leave from school.

We would rather have the child stay back than attend school for a few periods.

They must keep their nails trimmed, ears and nose clean and hair tidy (boy must have neat hair cut and girls must use a black ribbon or band to tie it up.)

Parents are requested to make sure that their wards do not, under any condition, violate the uniform code.

Sweaters & blazer material must be procured from the school books stores to ensure quality and conformity of texture & colour.

Blazers must be dry-cleaned at least once during the winter break.